Saturday, September 12, 2009

More essential kit

Never let it be said that I don't have my priorities right. Once again we are getting into the swing of the enjoyable process of acquiring Stuff for a new project.

First stop this morning, the upholstery shop in Seaford, who made Warrior's splendid mattress, to purchase a piece of foam for a mattress for Chertsey's cross bed. After experimenting with laying on and then rolling up various grades of foam, I settled on the 3" thickness as giving the right balance between comfort and storability. Sadly though they then discovered they didn't have any in stock, but it should be in by next weekend. Slightly shockingly, also, it is going to cost £115, which is somewhat more than I expected, but no point in skimping on these things.

Then, in the process of tidying up/clearing out the glory hole known as the Old Forge, Jim discovered a Tilley lamp he'd bought many years at a jumble sale. Brand new, boxed and with all its accessories and instructions, but never yet used by us mainly because I was terrified of it. However, I am now much braver, so Jim went off (back to Seaford again) for paraffin and meths, and we fired it up. Not entirely successfully, because I think it was a bit too full, and also the mantle disintegrated while Jim was cleaning it. However, I was delighted to discover that they are still going strong and you can get replacement parts easily, and also that you can buy a new lamp like ours - for £110. Made me feel better about the mattress, somehow.

Finally, we got a kettle for Chertsey on ebay - an enormous enamel one. If only I had something to put it on.....


Andy said...

You can get replacement mantles for them too, I have exactly the same model as you but mine is in well thumbed condition and I needed to replace the mantles a few times.

Still jealous.

S said...

Is it good? Has it ever given you a fright?

Andy said...

Only on the blow outs lol, nah its safe as houses really *touch wood* doesnt go out or flare either.