Sunday, April 23, 2006

Warrior's engine

Here is the cause of all the trouble - and what makes it all worthwhile: Warrior's 1937 3-cylinder National engine with matched original National gearbox.

The engine and gearbox came out of a fisheries protection vessel in 1953, and sat on a quayside in Kings Lynn until the early 1980s, when it was bought by John Shotbolt, of Ramsey on the Middle Level, Warrior's builder.

He had it rebuilt (not sure by whom - it's possible he did it himself), and installed it in Warrior in 1995. Warrior was built for his own use, and was the only tug-style boat he built. Only a few years later he was persuaded to sell her, and the rest of her story is still a mystery, until she was bought by her previous owner from a broker a couple of years ago.

In the intervening years the engine hasn't been maintained very well, it would seem. Someone has certainly made a right mess of the kitchen, which will be completely refitted some time soon, and has done some damage in the saloon, although we can sort that out. The original fitting out and finishing, all done by John Shotbolt, is of an amazingly high standard, with terrific attention to detail even in parts of the boat that were never meant to see the light of day. She also has great roses and castles painting which have lasted really well, done by someone called M. Duiker - anyone heard of them? She badly needs a new exterior paint job though. That'll be the last job on the list, when everything else is done and we can decide on a colour scheme.

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