Tuesday, December 02, 2008

2: I saw three ships...

Well, I might have done on this trip to the beach in July 2007, when I constructed my masterpiece, five foot long, scale model sand narrow boat. Perhaps my proudest ever sand-based moment.

The days of frolicking in the sand at Newhaven's West Beach are now, sadly, behind us all. Like so much else in the area it is Out of Bounds to the general populace, thanks to the litigation-shy Newhaven Port and Properties who are glad to have an excuse, in the form of a slightly crumbly concrete sea wall, to keep the great unwashed off their asset.


Bottle said...

Spent many a happy Sunday on a day out to Newhaven.

Nearly drowned once when the ferry went out and we were already on the beach.

Had to get on the beach as soon as the tide was going out because it was so busy then.

It was a great adventure to walk along the breakwater to the very end.

All this happened 50 to 55 years ago now.

S said...

Well, you could have walked along the breakwater until a couple of years ago, but no longer.