Thursday, March 12, 2009

Apologies for absence

In fact, I'm only doing this now as a displacement activity because I should be knocking a conference paper into shape before we go away for the weekend... But though I have been busy, that doesn't usually stop me posting; no, this time it's been compounded by an ongoing... ahem... disagreement with Pipex, who without a by-your-leave took over the previously trouble free and really rather good Toucan a couple of months ago, lost any trace of our having paid them, and cut us off, leaving us in the position of being put on hold on a mobile for half an hour at a time to try to sort it out. Grrr. So as soon as that is sorted out it's bye bye Pipex, hello... Post Office? Virgin? Anyone got any recommendations? Also, soon I shall be in the market for recommendations for USB broadband, if anyone has any. I'd be particularly interested in hearing about genuine PAYG deals, as there will be some months I probably won't use it at all.

Ah well, back to work. Perhaps I'll just have another cup of tea first. And do the shopping.


Anonymous said...

Recommend O2 for all things communication-wise. Not always the cheapest but customer service second-to-none. Happy customer for various services since 2001.

Anonymous said...

Bah! Telecommunications have never been right since they were removed from the control of the Postmaster General. They're all charlatans, in my experience, and useless at fixing things which go wrong. I have a Virgin cablemodem, which at least goes wrong rarely: when it does Virgin are as useless as the rest.


Tony said...

I use a 3 usb dongle (the Huawei E220) pretty much all the time, and the only hiccup I find is that they sometimes shut down for an hour at 1am.
A tenner gets you 1GB, 15 gets to 3GB and 25 quid gets you 7GB, which you have to use within 28 days.

Anonymous said...

The latest on all this nonesense is that I tried 3 more times again this morning (Friday) and I got through at last only to be told that the second cheque (covering two months invoices is now 'lost') and the only way to resolve this is to ring credit control on the number that has taken them 5 days not to answer. Is it any wonder that I have refused for the majority of my over 60 years to have anything to do with anything 'modern' or anything that'everyone else has' which is why I rely to a great extenmt on cash. If only everything was as good as Ubuntu.