Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Report from the Eastern Front

Jim is currently on Warrior at Bill Fen, mending oil leaks, fitting gauges and sorting out the bilge pump in preparation for our Easter trip to Cambridge, as well as extending the back cabin bed in readiness for his and Craig's June trip to Northampton. Until a couple of days ago the weather had been fairly good, but today he has had northerly winds, hailstorms, snow and lashing rain - and that was just by the time of the last update. What an adventure. Still, I hear that he is keeping warm by polishing the brass and now he also has the latest Russell Newbery newsletter for entertainment. It will all be worth it when we set off in a couple of weeks, glinting and glittering in the sun (it will be sunny then, won't it?)


Anonymous said...

Don't forget thrashing up and down the 40', testing my VHF and having fun with the Moomins. I am reminded that last Easter we came up to prepare the boat for painting.......... and it snowed.


Anonymous said...

You're expecting sun? At Easter? I love an optimist :)

I don't hesitate to point out that Jim forgot to mention testing the beer in The George at the weekend.

Snitch? Yes, that's me.


Amy said...

what are your exact dates for easter? We are also planning a cruise and need to make sure we co-incide with you!