Thursday, September 27, 2007

Newhaven tonight

I was struck on the way home from the station, at about half past six this evening, by the lovely pink sky over the river - then I remembered that for once I had a camera on me. So here it is. Sun setting at six thirty (and that's British Summer Time, not real time) - can winter be far behind?

We've been having some half hearted musings about whether we could take Helyn up the Ouse to Lewes before we sell her. It's seven miles, and apparently navigable if the tide's right (highish, I suppose); there's a slipway down at the yacht club (and another one I believe at Denton Island, which is on the left in the picture); the biggest question is how powerful an engine you'd need... and whether we would ever actually get round to it. We ought to really, didn't we.

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