Thursday, September 27, 2007

Well done chaps

Well, it was a pretty big clue. Yep, I've got to have Hawkesbury, the last Large Woolwich built for the GUCCCo, because, officially, its butty was the last Large Ricky, Hale; my namesake. I say officially, as it's quite possible they never actually worked together. They may have done though, and someone with more time and resources than me could no doubt find out.

Hale, I assume, has gone the way of most wooden boats - though if anyone has any information about when or how or anything else about it, I'd love to know.

The lovely photo was shamelessly ripped off from A Canal People, the collection of Robert Longden's photos edited by Sonia Rolt. There's another one featuring Hale (I think in GU livery, though it's hard to be sure), paired with Halsall (close!) tied up outside the Greyhound along with an FMC pair. So, as Andrew points out, at Hawkesbury, if not with Hawkesbury.

A Canal People is a great book by the way. I bought it in a remainder shop years ago, without really realising how wonderful the photos were until later, when I got keener on old boats. I see that Amazon have it in hardback ... Mine's a soft cover and I certainly didn't pay twenty two quid for it!

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Anonymous said...

The picture of Hale is a picture of my nan Mary Berrill