Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spotted again

In a roundabout way ... interesting how these blog thingies (as a caricature Prince Charles might say) link up. I was just browsing Granny Buttons, scrolled down his list to have a quick look at Bones, and she's posted that Caxton have posted about Warrior. With some lovely pictures taken at the IWA Festival last year (even if they have got me in).

So when there's no boating, and no painting, and even no boat-related reading being done, we can still all post about each other.

Caxton is one of only two other boat blogs I know that use this template (think theirs is the later version). The other one was Hagley, but it's now even more sadly neglected than when I wrote about it over a year ago (note Richard's comment there!) - so much so that Andrew has expelled it from Granny's blogroll. Come on Richard, some of us cared! Is Hagley still afloat?

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Anonymous said...


Funny you should mention it, though: poor old Hagley has been a bit neglected over the last year, but we spent a day working on her on Saturday and she's a lot happier now (especially after caulking three of the four leaks...).

Blog update when I remind Ben to upload his photos. I'd have taken some myself had I not left my camera in a pub in deepest Monmouthshire. Ahem.