Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Elsewhere on the web ...


Granny Buttons trawls the web so I don't have to. Today Andrew notes that Narrow Boat is finally out on DVD, and that you can order it post free from Amazon. Of course I should have thought of that but I've already ordered it direct from i2i (postage £2.95). But never mind, anything to help a struggling little company pay for their mad boat antics (nice to think, actually, that the vast expense of doing (over) Dover has been subsidised by acres of carp fishing videos).

The other day, Granny B brought this blog back to my attention; it is, incredibly, the work of the editor of Waterways World, church organist and inveterate swearer Richard Fairhurst. Having a bit of form in the area of the incisive analysis of government discourse, this was the post I really liked. Richard also has a (sadly neglected) blog about his boat Hagley and it's the only one I've seen that uses the same Blogger template as me - very disconcerting when I first saw it. Hagley is very slightly significant because the next butty after it in the GU fleet was my namesake (well, OK, it's a town in Cheshire too). I've found two photos of Hale, one in GU livery and one in BW. Which was nice, as I had got the idea from somewhere that it hadn't gone into service.


Fake SteveC said...

That's the nicest thing I've been called all week - I like it! And you're quite right, we must update our Hagley blog a bit more often.

S said...

nb Warrior - the blog all the big name editors read!