Monday, May 21, 2007

Our biscuit tin


Well, that's what Sparky calls it, and as it's copied from his, it must be right. It's the new vent in the engine room roof. So, there's a square hole in the roof, surrounded by a steel flange, bolted through the roof. Then a wooden box is built onto that - I think that strictly speaking it should be removeable, but ours is screwed on from the inside. The lid is made of ply in a rebated wooden frame with a brass porthole in the middle. The brass hinges on the inside are also attached with bolts, the heads of which you can see on the top. There will be bars underneath for security (and for hanging the washing on). The lid is hinged towards the back of the boat so opens at the front, by about three inches, which should let some heat out. It also makes a surprising difference to the amount of light that gets in, when the side hatches are closed. Having one of these was all Jim's idea, sparked off by the thought that pigeon boxes are more likely to let the rain in - and I have to say I'm very pleased with it.

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