Thursday, May 31, 2007

The dreaming spires of Huddersfield

I enjoyed my time in Huddersfield. I worked in a lovely building - it was the former Victorian technical college which specialised in matters wool-related, and had stained glass windows featuring sheep, and llamas - and with very nice people. One of these was Pete, a fellow southern exile whom I quickly forgave for beating me to the first job I applied for there, and with whom I spent many a happy evening in the Star, discussing political philosophy, rugby league and light opera (n.b. only one of these actually holds any attractions for me) over pie and peas and a pint of Landlord. So today I am very honoured to be able to bring you ... Pete's blog!

I have even added it to nbWarrior's blogroll, for a bit of variety. I have't got any other narrowboat blogs listed there, because Granny Buttons has them all, and you probably know about them anyway.

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