Sunday, May 27, 2007

Blogging will eat itself


Well, who should I run into in Barry Hawkins' beer tent but Granny Buttons' very own Andrew Denny. That's what comes of putting your photo on your blog - people recognise you, even in the absence of your boat. So Jim and I had a lovely chat with Andrew and Christine, and finished by taking each other's photos and promising a bit of mutual blogging. Looks as if I've got in first ... Lovely to meet you both, and see you again soon.

The main reason for popping into Barry Hawkins' open day was to catch up with Ian for an update on the oil thingy (I've given up trying to be technical with it) and arrange for a lift for Jim to get our (my! my!) car to Atherstone next week (see how my optimism is still undimmed); we then proceded to Crick where we bought an aerial kit for the datacard, a new set of ropes, a chimney chain, various other small brass bits, some more raddle red paint, a tin of varnish ... oh, and a lovely stripey cardigan.

Yesterday, as planned, I neatened up all the blacking, much of which involved working off the gunwale in ever-increasing rain, and it was well worth doing. I have to say that the Big Fish boat on show at Crick might have benefited from the same treatment... And I also made a start on the brass, whilst joining Jim in watching the shiny new high definition advert free Narrow Boat DVD, which was another weird kind of reflective experience as it features two-year-younger versions of people and places we've been seeing a lot of lately.

In the photo you can also see our stunning tunnel light - a 30s Francis fire engine lamp, mounted on its new bracket, and Warrior's latest butch adornment, the straps, which look nicer and butcher than either of the other lots we saw at Crick; thanks to Geoff for making those for us and to Jim for fitting them.


Keith Lodge said...

Good Monday Morning Sarah.
Well at least the rain has stopped here. God yesterday was awful.
LOL fancy seeing Andrew. I read his blog pretty much everyday. Cannot wait to meet him in person, last time we saw his boat he was not cruising it, a friend of his was.
You must always be optimistic, otherwise what else would we do. I hope your plans work out. Sounds like you had a good time at Crick and enjoyed buying bits and bobs. Last year we went to Crick by car and got a fantastic old Klaxon which will be going on Hadar.
In the photo which Grand Union Boat is that?
Would it be Battersea?
I love the lamp, we have a battered one for the time being, which was given to us, until we find what we want. Keith knows what he is looking for, but there is no hurry.

Anyway fires lit and now I am warm so I am off to do some more blogging. Have a fun day... Jo

S said...

Hi Jo, yes, it's Battersea in the background... back home on the south coast today and the weather here is awful, cold wind and rain, more like November than May. Still, hopefully set to pick up next week.

Boatwoman said...

Lovely to see Battersea. Last I eard she was up for sale. Not sure if she has been sold yet. She is a lovely boat and has a nice fit out.
Weather here has been dreadful as well. It is raining again today, but I am heading to Hanley with a friend from another boat, to do some retail therapy, after all wat else can a girl do in weather like this hahahaha.