Friday, May 25, 2007

Success - well sort of

We did get the engine started yesterday, which is of course great news, and what we've been waiting for these last thirteen months. But we couldn't run it, because of a fault in the oil system. As far as I understand it, the pipe leading from the pressure relief valve was of too small a bore, meaning that the oil pressure was going much too high. So that's been taken away to be modified, but this being a busy weekend (with Crick and Barry Hawkins' open day, both of which we plan to visit on Sunday) nothing's going to happen until next week. A setback, but we hope a minor one.

Today I've painted half the roof, and have now run out of raddle red, and touched up various other bits (heavens, is that really all I've done? It did take all day, honest). Tomorrow I touch up the blacking and, I suppose, make a start on the brass. It's sad to think that we shall be leaving here soon as we've met so many brilliant people and had such a lovely time, but the time has come to move on to new adventures ...

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Boatwoman said...

Awwww what a shame about the engine, but as you say hopefully it is a minor thing, and you will be on your way very soon.
Isn't it amazing how long things take to do?
I hope you have a wonderful weekend, sounds like it will be busy what with Crick and Barry Hawkins. The weather does not sound to good for Sunday and Monday which is a shame, lets hope the weather people are wrong LOL.. We are having a pretty quiet time, although if the weather holds we will have a bar-b-q tonight, with others from the boatyard.