Monday, May 14, 2007


Yesterday it rained all day and all night. Today was very nice, I hear, but I'm back home now, where it's dull and raining. Saturday, with its showers and tantalisingly short dry spells was very frustrating, as there was always the false promise of being able to get something done, but on Sunday I just resigned myself to bearing it stoically and curled up with a nice book. It reminded me of those sorts of days as a child, when you do nothing, but end up feeling worn out, from boredom and lack of fresh air. Really, there should have been a black and white film on the TV, one you've never heard of and would never watch again but that on a day like that becomes fascinating. Or perhaps that no longer happens in these multi-channel, DVD days. It might have been a bit of a shame not to get any major jobs done (althought Jim did some wiring) but it was nice to have an afternoon of enforced leisure, and so much better to be watching the rain falling on the canal than on some greasy, litter-strewn street.

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