Sunday, May 13, 2007

My friend Badger

Couldn't get out to post yesterday because of the constant rain - as I haven't yet got round to getting an aerial . I see that with the new Web 'n' Walk package you get a USB modem rather than a datacard, which I guess makes it more flexible (and perhaps you wouldn't need a separate remote aerial to work inside if you had a long enough USB cable) but it's nearly 50% more expensive, so you'd have to be sure you were going to get plenty of use out of it.

Anyway, nothing much exciting to report yesterday. I finished repainting some of the dark blue on the front doors. Jim has also repaired the top castles panel on one of these doors and I get to try to redo the painting on that (lucky that Phil Speight can't make it to the launch party then). Jim tidied up the wiring in the engine room, ground the welds on the rear deck and tidied up the back doors so that they now shut properly with the slide over them. Oh yes, and I made some buns on board, and they turned out quite well.

But here is a picture of my dear little friend Badger, one of the many happy dogs off Malpas, and my particular favourite.

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