Friday, May 04, 2007

Anonymous no longer

As we'll definitely be off travelling in Warrior before the final paintwork is completed, rather than just sticking a bit of paper in the window with the name on I thought it would be worth asking Dave Moore - who will be doing the signwriting when Warrior is finally finished - if he'd mind doing a temporary name and number. Not at all, and on Wednesday it was done. I wasn't there to see it, but according to Jim, moving the boat over to the towpath and turning it round between sides took almost as long as the painting itself. It's very impressive, and Warrior is really starting to look like a boat to be proud of. And if anybody sees us now, you'll know who we are to say hello!

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Keith Lodge said...

Awwww she now has a name. I think it is nice to see the names of the boats on the side, it gives them an identity. Makes them complete, if that makes any sense. I always feel sorry for boats with no name on them, they are the lost souls of the waterways LOL.
When Hadar is out on the water, you will hear her before you see her I think, as she has a 1945 ish National DA2 in her and she sounds fantastic.
See you on the cut.... Jo