Sunday, May 24, 2009

Welcome aboard....

Last night we went to Eastbourne to see Vicky and Craig, the latter of whom is accompanying Jim on the first leg of our next trip, from Ramsey to Northampton, so I don't have to. And in order that neither I, nor you, dear reader, should miss out on the fascinating details of the journey, Craig - who has identified at least four previously unknown pubs en route - will be blogging it right here.

After dinner we went for a healthy constitutional along the promenade and I saw for the first time the gorgeous bandstand which is the centrepiece of what is effectively an amphitheatre filled with stripy chairs, where the denizens and citizens of Eastbourne regularly gather in traditional fashion to watch tribute bands. Actually, I really like Eastbourne, and I could hardly tear myself away from here. As a bonus, the sunset had turned the sea a most unearthly glimmering pink, with little turquoise waves.

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adjudicator said...

What a surprise to see Eastbourne on someone else's blog and I so rarely read others.
The sea and the bandstand was even more glorious tonight.