Sunday, May 31, 2009

Outdoor Type

I caught sight of myself this morning, on the train, on the way to Tarporley; in my stout boots and hi-tech walking shorts, with my brown legs and increasingly muscular arms, and I realised that after all these years of sitting palely and flabbily in the corner reading a book, completely against the odds, I have somehow metamorphosed into an Outdoor Type. Wonders will never cease.


Amy said...

I have recently noticed a similar metemorphisis in myself. I've just spent a weekend hiking the the Lakes, go rowing at least twice a week, as well as spending lots of time outside on the boat. I've become sporty, as well as outdoorsy and its quite a change from the girl who would literally do ANYTHING rather than go to her sports lessons!

Sarah said...

See what boating does for you!

Amy said...

Addled my brain, evidently! My spelling of METAMORPHOSIS was atrocious. Put it down to too much sun!