Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Well, they've gone and done it now

Thank you to Sarah and Jim, who've offered me, a newbie, the chance to sail the Nene from Peterborough-ish (don't need to know - the hospitable Jim has offered to drive) to Cotton End, Northampton 18-21 June.

What's more: I've been let loose on the Warrior blog! Surely they will rue the day.

Things I have learnt so far:

  1. Maps and planning are very important (even though most canals only allow travel in one of two directions, intersections are rare, and most of the water stays put)

  2. The Nene is said to be bereft of good toddling-distance pubs (I hope to prove this wrong, and will diligently heed all advice from readers)

  3. The ability of crew to make tea is apparently as well valued by freshwater skippers, as it is by their salty cousins

The photograph here was taken on a brilliant day's sail we had with Sarah and Jim from Regent's Park to Limehouse, last September. I'm afraid it's the sort of uninformative, pretentious twaddle you can expect from me.


S said...

I can tell you're going to fit in perfectly here.

Anonymous said...

Humph!!!! photo is a bit arty


S said...

It is in the proper anonymised tradition of this blog which Dr D. has clearly picked up instinctively

S said...

It was from Little Venice to Limehouse....

Neil Corbett said...

We found a few good Nene pubs on our current trip. Try the Royal oak(??) at Cogenhoe (walk up through the village till you see it, the Kings Head at Wadenhoe where you can moor at the end of the garden just bfore you turn into the lock cut, and the Falcon at Fotheringhay - splash out on a steak sandwich, it's worth it.

Good but harder to find is the Chequered Skipper at Ashton. Moor up in the cut above the lock and find the path to the village which takes you over the road and across a field and up a lane (phew). Excellent pub ten mins walk from river.