Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I was at Kings Place yesterday afternoon, meeting a potential Tarporley customer, when there was a sharp bang followed by a thud. Looking round I saw a duck lying on its back on the quayside, frantically waving its legs. It had flown straight into the glass side of Kings Place. Oh no, I thought, it's in its death throes, how can I pretend this isn't happening... But a woman who was doing some sort of photo shoot rushed over, picked the duck up and turned it over, and it sat there looking a little bemused but very definitely alive and upright. I didn't see whether they took it away or if it eventually waddled off though.

One of the nicer features, to the human eye, about Kings Place is the way the wavy glass cladding reflects the sky and so doesn't obtrude as much on the skyline as more solid looking buildings, but it must play havoc with birds' visual navigation systems and small brains.

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