Friday, June 19, 2009

Rush rush, rush rush, rush

It's 10:40 pm, and the day has slowed down, and we're moored up at Irthlingborough. There's good mobile signal, and I've got time to post a blog and tidy up thr previous attempts.

Another great day, and, for me, the fun of learning to drive the boat. 'You can't break it', says Jim. Unfortunately you can break crockery with a bit of a slam into the side of a lock when the paddle comes up. I may have to build a church dedicated to Sarah out of the fragments.

I still can't get over the rush, rush of life on a 6mph boat. This morning I started to put on the sun protection jollop, got the face and arms done, then had to break off for something another. About an hour later managed to do the legs. Went down to get the binoculars, and then a lock came up, then one d*mn thing after another: 3 hours later I got to use them!

It's fabulous: I tried to see if it was possible to get bored. What's the longest period of time you could go without finding something of interest? I managed about 1 minute and 15 seconds (well, about 75 elephants) before something turned up (a dragonfly).

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S said...

If it had been me, we wouldn't have gone nearly so fast. Mind you, we wouldn't be there yet, either. Bill Fen to Northampton in what was that, 55 hours? I'm surprised you managed to see anything with it all going by in such a blur.