Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rush, rush, rush

Well, I never thought I'd say it but this boating lark is just all rush.

We've made great time, arriving at Elton this evening at 8:00pm, after setting off from Bill Fen at (a bit later than we imagined) at 8:00am.

Jim would like to suppress the fact that he's in gastro-pub, The Crown Inn, Elton, Cambs. By Jimminy, it's nice nosh, and even nicer beer

Would love to upload the photographs of our smiling, happy faces, of the new 'swept-back', retractable engine chimney on NB Warrior, but a bit of a cock-up on the file location front.

So, yes: rush, rush, rush - got a bit side-tracked off that theme.And that, it turns out, is the theme of narrow boating


S said...

Splendid stuff! And you have found a classy pub too.

MoominPapa said...

Blimey! Bill Fen to Elton in 12 hours. I see Jim has the warp-drive working OK.


S said...

Ah, but Craig wants to go shopping for shoes.... And all those pubs to fit in somehow.