Saturday, June 13, 2009


Photo removed until I can obscure the reg no - reaslising I have rather foolhardily just commented on another blog, with a link to this one, on the subject of how I have not sent off my driving licence to notify my change of address 12 years ago, in order, even back then, to avoid being issued with an ID card by the back door. I have a piece of paper that says I've passed my driving test and that's good enough for me.

For the first time this year, we have seagulls nesting on our roof. Clearly they do not want to stray very far from their two delightful (for about three and a half days) balls of fluff. I have invested in a tarpaulin for my beloved Bluebird.

Londoners who think pigeons are a messy menace should try moving to the coast. We had a gull in the kitchen earlier this afternoon, wondered in as bold as brass. Then when the cat flew at it, it tried to escape through the door that wasn't open, and then crapped on the floor before finally exiting. Round here we have herring gulls, and they are big, vicious bastards. And if you look at them closely, they're always dribbling.


Halfie said...

Your poor Volvo! I hope that's at least a week's worth and didn't arrive in just one day. I'm constantly cleaning pigeon poo from our two (and I'm out in the sticks, too).

Anonymous said...

No it was about 4 hours worth! I had just washed the last lot off and the car was fortunately still a bit wet. Needless to say the newly purchased tarp has seen very little action.

Amy said...

If you need any photoediting done, just let me know :)