Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hello, Goodbye

Our second day in Braunston draws to a close. Yesterday saw us move down from where we were above the top lock to above lock 2, much more handy for the pub. Jim went back to Bill Fen to fetch the car. First he asked the new landlord of the Nelson whether we could keep it in his car park or a week - no problem; then Jim asked about taxis to the station, and the landlord offered to take him himself! So I have nothing but praise so far for this pub - we ate there again last night and again the food (faggots this time; I'm not sure what our American friends must have made of that) was lovely. Jim spoke very highly of his too, which was waiting on the table for him when he got back with the car, a little later than anticipated owing to roundabout rearrangements at Northampton.
Today has been another fantastically sunny one, and I have done very little. We moseyed down into the village this morning for provisions and a look round, and had a long chat with the owner of Vesta. Other boats that have come past include Nuneaton and Brighton, and Pacific, which was rather gorgeous. I guess more will be coming from the other direction.
This afternoon we bade a very fond farewell to Michelle and Bill, finding it hard to believe that we only met them for the first time three days ago, with promises of meeting up again soon. And now we are going to do our duty as users of the patrons' car park and go and patronise the pub again, from where I shall attempt to post this.
(Actually, hunched over the bridge parapet)


Penny Holloway said...

Excellent! The car is ready & waiting + chauffeur to pick me up from the station. Lol x

Halfie said...

Sarah and Jim, it was good to meet both of you on Saturday. I'm sure the only monster on Warrior is your engine!