Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bits and bobs

I'm dead chuffed this morning to find nb Warrior on Granny Buttons' blogroll. I am steeling myself to have another go at setting one up here but I am so technologically challenged in this area it may take some time yet. Advance apologies - it will be a bit quiet here for the next week or so: I have to go to a conference in Nottingham next week and then we'll be back at Stretton with Warrior the week after that. Over the weekend I shall be trying to set up a photo website(see above for caveats). I'm thinking of using Webshots - it's less glitzy than Flickr but it looks simpler, and you get to post more photos on the free account (240 as opposed to 200). Any other suggestions?

This afternoon Andante should finally go back to her own spot on the towpath at Aspley (Huddersfield). Just before our epic trip at Easter we got a call to say she'd been broken into (in the middle of the morning! Big lump of stone through the window, followed by a couple of skinny herberts - must have been skinny to get through the window. Nothing taken (nothing to take) except an aging gas lighter, and blessedly no gratuitous damage done, just glass everywhere and a chunk out of the woodwork where the stone landed) so we made a detour to replace the window and fit security bars. At this point she'd been moved into the basin for security and someone else had nicked her towpath spot, so she's been sitting in the basin ever since, right up against the pub car park. Which is really no fun. That is, until I turned up on Monday to find her gone - moved round the corner to make room for a new boat. So this afternoon reinforcements are arriving to fight our way back onto the towpath somewhere. First off though a well deserved pumpout and watering should see her sitting a little less drunkenly. You were right Mike - those tanks are enormous. We emptied Warrior's water tank in three days and couldn't work out what had happened, we've been so spoilt.

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