Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Shamed by my boring blog

Yes indeed, I knew I'd been a bit lax with the updating, but I reckoned that as no one was reading it anyway, it didn't really matter. But I've just been totally put to shame by this new(ish) blog http://www.nb-globetrotter.co.uk. It's the work of Mike Beveridge, who I've kept in touch with since he sold us our first narrowboat, the dear little Andante, and it's interesting, informative, frequently funny and above all a pleasure to look at. Well, I can't compete with that - for one thing, I'm not an IT professional, and for two things, I don't live on a boat in the sense Mike does, so have rather less material. But there's enough going on at the moment with Warrior to make that a pretty feeble excuse. And that will be in another (or many other) posts, coming soon, I promise.

Two other hindrances - some other blogs go in quite a lot for giving out information and advice, and I don't really feel up to doing that. Sure, in my own mind I think I know lots of stuff, but there's a rather ingrained aversion to possibly being, well, presumptious. Another blog stock-in-trade is moaning about people/companies/BW, etc etc. I could certainly do that too - just try to shut me up in person! But again, there's something inhibiting me from putting it down in potentially permanent black and white. What if I turn out to be wrong? Or regret upsetting someone? Maybe it's a girl thing.

Still, with those excuses given in advance, I really will make more of an effort to post at least every couple of days now, and then I can actually start telling people that this blog exists! And next time it shouldn't take me so many attempts to remember my password.

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