Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mmmm ... pie and peas

As I will shortly be leaving Huddersfield, last night I took all my favourite colleagues out for a slap up dinner. Well, OK, I stood them pie and peas at the brilliant real ale pub The Star - under fifteen quid for nine of us (Jim had two). Pie and peas in The Star will be one of my fondest abiding memories of Huddersfield. It's the only food they do, and they only do it on Wednesdays, but if you're lucky you do get a choice of cheese and onion, beef, or pork. Yes, as in a pork pie, but served hot and sitting in a sea of peas (mushy, of course. None of your poncy petits pois here). You douse the lot with mint sauce and eat it with a spoon. Naturally on first arriving in The North I was rather sceptical about the attractions of this, but bravely plunged in, thinking 'when in Rome etc'; by the third time I was looking forward to it all day. The Star is about ten minutes walk away from the canal, but totally worth it if you have the slightest respect for beer - they always have loads of different real ales, always very well kept; no TV, no music, just a rather sweet dog. I shall miss it greatly.

My second favourite Huddersfield pub is the Albert, in the town centre. Recently reopened, and newly listed after a worrying few months at the beginning of the year, they now do food (which I haven't tried) and a decent pint (which I have, often), but the main attraction for me is the stunning Victorian interior, particularly the bar, all marble, mahogany and mirrors.

Nearer Aspley Basin is the New Wharf, which proudly advertises that it's been given an award for its food ... by the Huddersfield Student newspaper. When I ate there, admittedly about a year ago now, the food was average but edible, but the beer was dire. When I went back a second time, both food and beer were worse. So I've not been back a third time. Pity, as it has a nice eccentric, eclectic interior and a nice feel about it. Right on the basin of course is the Brewers Fayre (why, just typing that made me feel a bit queasy) 'pub' The Aspley. Just don't go there. They don't need your custom. There are enough people with no sense and no taste and no idea to keep them full every night of the week.

Oh dear, this seems to have turned into a pub review - well, I did try to relate it to the canal.

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Anonymous said...

Pie and mushy peas is surely kin to London's pie & mash. You eat that with a spoon and fork too. The whole lot is doused in liquor, a sort of green parsley sauce, which must look like an anaemic cousin to mushy peas.

I suppose they don't give you mash at the Star Inn, because it would only obstruct your appetite for more beer!