Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Travels with my tree

Got back from work yesterday afternoon to find Andante had a new friend - with a tale of disappointment to tell. They were on their way back from Marsden having learnt that they were too wide - by an inch and a half - to get through the Standedge Tunnel. When they say 6'10" they mean 6'10". When I got the tunnel paperwork through I thought about measuring Andante - but realised I could never do it accurately enough for it to be any use, so we too will find out when we get there. I was looking at this other boat thinking, rather desperately, 'well, it does look a bit fat...'

Note the rather sad looking yucca on Andante's bow. I don't like yuccas. I don't like houseplants. A tall top-heavy houseplant on the front end of a boat is a bad idea. This particular houseplant does not provide much in the way of aesthetic enhancement. But it's there because it was on its way to the dustbins, and I'm a sucker for anything that's being thrown out. It's a rescued houseplant. Will it survive the journey? Or will it fall in and perish amongst the dreaded blue-green algae? Or suffer a horrific lock-related fate? You'll just have to keep watching.

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