Wednesday, August 30, 2006

We're back!

Back from the land where time stands still, and there is no news, and a sliced loaf costs £1.50 ...
Some trip stats:
Miles: 103
Locks: 115
Tunnels: 6 (including two big ones)
Days: 11
Days it rained: 10
Injuries: 3, viz: Thorn in hand which went a bit septic but is better now (scrambling off via plank at a lock on Huddersfield Narrow); Scratched nose (hawthorn tree strategically placed after bridge on Macclesfield, very impressive with blood pouring down face in the lashing rain); Chunk pinched out of right thumb (tile cutters at Stretton Wharf).

So only minor injuries, hardly worth mentioning really. Unlike the crew member of The Honorable Lady, whom we first met at Marsden the night before going through the Standedge Tunnel. He'd taken a fall the previous day, and hurt his ankle, but was soldiering on. We met them again at Portland Basin; he was still soldiering on, but struggling a bit. Then we met the boat again at the Harecastle Tunnel and learnt that he was in Shrewsbury Hospital with a broken ankle and septicaemia. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Nick!

Will do a proper post soon - lots, in fact, covering the journey and making this temporarily Andante's blog rather than Warrior's. Suffice to say for now that it was absolutely brilliant. We found a good pub every night but one (thumbs down to the aptly named Fool's Nook at Royal Oak on the Macclesfield), and met up with some lovely people, in one case sitting talking til midnight (with Tony and Sheila from Owl in Stone - I've just realised that although I've noted our overnight stopping places I haven't attached the names of the pubs to them! Damn! Damn! Damn!)

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