Friday, February 15, 2008

Regular reads

No, I don't want to 'subscribe' to 'feeds'. Go away!!! I have my favourite blogs that I click on every day or so to see if there's anything new. That's part of the fun. I don't want them 'delivered', eviscerated and filleted, to my 'desktop' or whatever. Some I know I will see something new every day - Granny, and the excellent Diamond Geezer; others I drop by occasionally to see what they've been up to - Carrie, Mort, JT. Occasionally I forget one for a few weeks, and then I have the pleasure of catching up with a good, solid read. I did this recently with Nev, now of Waterlily. I promised I'd give him a mention and then completely forgot! Sorry Nev. Nev's blog is another good read - it's fascinating to have a glimpse into the randomly selected lives of people whose only common feature is boat interest. He is also an early (if nervous) convert to the cause I am currently zealously espousing, i.e. draining colanders the right way up. I reckon Waterlily is definitely a boat blog - Granny hasn't picked it up yet; maybe I got there first. But Andrew will read this now, via his 'RSS' (exaggerated Homer Simpson style air quotes there) 'feed' and will no doubt castigate me again for being such an old stick in the mud, before adding Nev deservedly to the boatroll.


Red Dragon Man said...

Dare I ask?
Draining colanders the right way up?
I'm shattered to think that for the last (almost) half century I may just have been using my colander the wrong way up.
What have I been missing?
Please, please enlighten me.
BTW. Are you absolutely positive that your punctuation in the last post (particularly the bit in brackets, towards the end of the diatribe about typos in Canal Boat) is quite correct? :)
Not that I'm in a position to preach.

S said...

Colanders. What are they designed to do? Drain. The right way up. If you have a colander that doesn't drain efficiently when the right way up, then I should get rid of it and get another one. When they wash them up, people tend invariably to turn them upside down to drain - habit I guess; most things - saucepans, basins, etc. - drain much better upside down. But not colanders. In fact, turn them upside down and they tend to get water trapped in their bases.

As for punctuation, yes, I do see a non-sentence there. I was trying to capture an all-too-inadequate flavour of the Sussex Express... Anyway, I like to use the freedom of the blog to indulge my otherwise ruthlessly controlled tendency to parenthesise and sub-parenthise ad infinitum. The longest sentence I've ever recorded in my own (sensible) writing was 125 words - it made perfect sense, honestly. And I once managed legitimately to* get five sets of quotation marks in direct succession, correctly alternating single and double.
*Ha! You thought I was going to thoughtlessly split that infinitive, didn't you?

Red Dragon Man said...

Yes, in fact, you're correct, I did ;)

Anonymous said...

After washing my colander, I always drain it 'the wrong way down' so to speak. This is because it's one of the last things I wash, and it fits neatly over the rest of the washing-up, like the hat on the Tin Man in Wizard of Oz.

S said...

That is understandable Andrew, but still sub-optimal. Don't you get a puddle in the base? I find that it balances quite well, in the manner of a Chinese acrobat, on top of everything else, even when the right way up. Or you could always wash it first, and then drain other stuff in it....