Thursday, February 14, 2008

Simply brilliant

You know how sometimes someone suggests something, and as soon as they say it, it's so obvious that you can't imagine why you never thought of it before. There's such a thing in this month's Canal Boat, from Tony Brooks. When we put the fridge under the worktop, naturally we put a grille at the back above it to allow the warm air to escape. Tony (if I may be so bold) suggests drilling holes in the floor, too, behind the fridge, so that cool air will be drawn from the bilges to dissipate the heat extracted from the fridge and help it run more efficiently. So simple; so brilliant. It would also help to keep the bilges ventilated.

Sadly the rest of the mag has been a bit of a disappointment. Maybe it really was having its heyday under Kevin's editorship. I spotted two typos in this one (including a large 'blige pump'), and some of the letters on the letters page make sufficiently little sense to qualify for the Sussex Express E. Shipsey prize (I made that up. E. (Ted) Shipsey of Peacehaven used to get a really mad, rambling, nonsensical letter published in the local paper most weeks. Sadly ill health now prevents him from doing this, along with rigging the model boat in Newhaven Museum. As I learnt from the Express last week. Perhaps I should take up my hobby of getting letters published under the names of randomly selected philosophers, again.) Oh yes, and the page numbers on the contents page didn't relate to reality either. Come back Kevin, they need you!


Harryman said...

Modesty forbids me commenting so I'll just glow quietly

Adam said...

Having just read this month's Canal Boat on the train into work, I was amused to read that "novice boaters ... could do no worse that start off with the Ashby Canal", which would seem to be the exact opposite of what they intended!