Thursday, October 09, 2008


One of the many things in this month's Canal Boat that made me shout, or in this case, emit an agonised yelp. It should have been a helpful article about the BSS - but it's written to be shock horror sensationalist rather than useful, and in the sanctimonious tone that is my especial bugbear.

What the caption should have said, of course, is 'Old stove needs to be thoroughly overhauled and repaired before being refitted correctly at a safe distance from walls protected by heatproof board.' Then I would have just sighed contentedly.

That stove is lovely. The idea that it should be scrapped just because it's 'old' and 'loose fitting' is wicked. Maybe it does have other, irreparable faults - but they're not mentioned. Instead readers are told by implication that 'old' is by definition dangerous and only 'new' is safe - and the majority will believe it, or at least will take the easiest, least thought provoking, route to peace of mind.

Life is so depressing sometimes.

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Lesley NB Caxton said...

I agree that the stove is exceptionally attractive and is worthy of a recondition and a new safe hearth - I certainly would NOT be discarding it!