Saturday, December 05, 2009

Cat phrase book

Like you do, we were sitting around after dinner, trying to get the cat to get off the draining board, and the conversation turned to what a tourist cat phrase book might look like. We thought it might include the following phrases:

Please lick my bottom.

Please desist from licking my bottom.

Thank you.

Please provide a small piece of paper. I wish to sit down.

I have eaten some grass and am going to vomit.

This cream is cold. Please warm it for me.

Are the prawns organic?

I have been injured in a brawl. Kindly send for a veterinary surgeon.

No thank you, I do not take medicines orally.

Please feel free to add more.


Halfie said...

If you move while I am sitting on you I will dig my claws in.

Steve Parkin said...

I presume you have seen Simons Cat on You Tube and the new book that is available through Amazon and others. It says it all by cartoon!

Jaqueline Almdale said...

I am curious about cats on board a NB. Don't they get out? How do you find them again? I live in the U.S. and I only recently discovered NB's. I am madly scheming my fortune so I can retire to the U.K. aboard my own NB. :) I am a cat person and I am intrigued by living aboard with cats. Anything at all you could share on the subject would be helpful. Cheers!

S said...

I never have done but lots of people do. I'll try to post some links later. How successful it is seems to depend on the cat!

John Witts said...

As a general rule, we don't let Tom Kitten out while we're under way on "Pippin".

He has, so far, fallen in at our mooring 4 times, and managed to rescue himself: Towels and lots of fuss seem to do the trick!