Friday, October 05, 2007

Nice place this (x2)

I have noticed that my posting is getting a bit sparse, and I'm very sorry - it's a busy time of year at work, that's my only excuse. I have a lot of photos and topics lined up to write about, but I've been too knackered to summon up my usual enthusiasm and sparkling wit. Don't waste any sympathy on me though, as things are going really well (stops to touch wood).

Anyway, another brief encomium to Bill Fen Marina where Warrior is parked for the winter (and officially for the foreseeable future). Not only is it pretty, and equipped with carp lakes, red squirrels, peacocks and bats, and trees bearing apples and various other edible fruits; everybody* is really friendly. And there are rambling roses.

Apropos of nothing (certainly nothing boat related), I had cause to go to Lewisham today, and had a brilliant lunch (well, it was more of a dinner really) at Maggie's, which is apparently legendary but I'd never heard of it. (Lewisham; why would I?) Best of all, (and for 70p) a never ending supply of tea poured from a big pot by roving teapersons into (has to be the best way to drink tea) a white Pyrex cup.

*Well, all right, obviously we haven't met everybody yet. But there is a very high friendliness quotient.

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