Sunday, October 28, 2007

Why, oh why...

A couple of questions I want to get off my chest ... but first, two boatyish ones to get the ball rolling.

Why, oh why...

1. Do people go to their boat for the weekend and then spend all the time sitting inside it watching sport on the TV?

2. Semi trads.

Now for the ones I really want to know:

3. Why, when you wash up a colander, do you turn it upside down to drain? (Go on, you do, don't you.)

4. Why do people (OK, women, all the ones I've seen) put their make up on on the train? Wouldn't it be easier just to get up ten minutes earlier? I find this truly inexplicable because it's such an intimate thing; surely the whole point of make up (not something with which I've been very well acquainted since about 1983) is to put on a face for the world to see, a point rather undermined by letting the world see you do it. It always looks such a struggle too, juggling compacts and mirrors and brushes out of your handbag - wouldn't it be so much easier at a nice, big, well lit dressing table; a piece of furniture that also has the inestimable advantage of not rocking about and going over points just as you're delicately outlining your lips, or whatever it is you do.

Also, I should think that applying mascara while on the tube is a guaranteed way of losing an eye sooner rather than later.


Anonymous said...

2. Because, to some people, me included, they look good - better than cruiser stern, anyway - and they're more sociable for the steerer than trad. And they're not really pretending to be converted working boats.

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps they are. Perhaps the cruiser stern is at least honest about being a boat purely for pleasure.

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Sarah.
What great questions.
It is not just the weekend boaters who sit in their boat and watch TV, I have also seen hirers doing it, which I find odd. And this can be whilst they are going along LOL.

I am a trad stern person, never been at all sure of the others, but each to their own I say.

Yes I do turn my colander upside down arghhhhhhhh you caught me out.

Not been on a train for many years, so cannot say I have seen this, but does seem odd. If i was going to put my make up on I would want to do it in private. I am not a make up person myself, I will use some mascara and eye shadow if we are going out for the evening but that is all.
It takes allsorts to make a world hahaha. Great post.

Andrew said...

I turn my colander upside down because it dries better that way. It just does.

And I like to see women putting their makeup on. I find it sexy! Especially the lipstick. Perhaps they (and I) are secret doggers?