Friday, December 21, 2007

Flexible seating solutions

Well, flexible solutions are all the rage these days, aren't they.

You may recall the saga of Warrior's seating arrangements - horrid freestanding chairs - complete with footstools - which were mind-numbingly, spirit-sappingly ugly, took up an inordinate amount of space, and were very heavy and awkward to move. Once we got rid of the bigger, cheaper, uglier one of the two sets, the other one didn't look so bad. This became Jim's chair (and footstool).

Jim then made two boxes out of cherry faced plywood with oak trim, and these, along with the cushions from an Ikea sofa, comprise our new flexible seating system. In position along the side wall opposite the stove, they look just like a fitted settee, and they (helped by some big fat feather cushions) make a lovely chaise longue, thank you very much, just right for stretching out by the fire.

But they are, more, so much more! Look! A dinette:

Slide the boxes apart (using the lovely old brass handle) and insert the table top - a bed for a reasonably, although not necessarily excessively, thin person (it's 2'4" wide):

And loads of lovely, and fairly accessible, storage space.

The lids rest on the top of the box inside the trim, and drop down over the back, where they overlap to take account of the angle of the cabin side, without needing to move the boxes.


Boatwoman said...

I love the new seating, well done Jim you have done a fabulous job. Extra storage is always welcome on any boat. Have a tape measure ready, when you have guests staying over night to make sure they will fit the width hahaha.
Lovely job.

Merry Christmas.

JT said...


Those 'traditional', not to mention mega-expensive his n' hers chairs...WHY??!!? Not comfortable and what's the point in a gorgeous multifuel stove if you can't stretch out in front of it on a winter's eve? They also seem to assume boating couples have a fairly non-tactile relationship if you ask me.

Anyway - lovely job - enjoy!