Tuesday, December 04, 2007

So close

But not close enough. Braunston flashback no. 2. This was a fantastic scene - a (very) little boy steering the boat while his dad did the washing up. I was just in the wrong place to get a decent shot at it. Very disappointing.

Put the two together and you get an idea of the scene - but textbook examples of awful photos. And these were the best of an even worse lot. But I can't resist posting them all the same. He's so sweet! So cool and confident, and really steering, in a very tight situation. And see how his dad trusts him - or at least gives a very good impression of doing so - calmly getting on with his domestic task.

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Boatwoman said...

Love the pics Sarah. I have many like that hahaha.
Isn't it wonderful to see such confident youngsters steering. I have to say sometimes they actually do a better job than the adults ;). It is the best way for them to learn, so good on that dad for allowing his son to have a go.