Sunday, September 03, 2006


Five days now, we've been back, and I've just finished the washing and got my nails clean. I've sorted out the photos and got them onto CD and have spent all day today uploading a (large) selection to the Webshots site. The plant survived, by the way - in fact I think it liked the rain - and is now safely at home with us. The threatened blue-green algae was long gone by the time we arrived. My steering has improved immensely and I have learned how to tie a proper boatman's hitch, at long last (in both cases).

I've come home having picked up a few interesting habits. I've found myself grinning and waving at total strangers, and only realised that that was an odd thing to do when they either completely ignored me, or shuffled away. But wouldn't it be nice if we were that friendly all the time? Perhaps we should slow down when driving past parked cars too, which is another thing I've found myself nearly doing.

Enjoy the photos!

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