Saturday, September 30, 2006

If you can read this, it works!

It's a chilly autumn Saturday morning (Jim's birthday, in fact) and I am writing this with the laptop sitting on Warrior's cabin slide, two gorgeous joshers and a beautiful tug to my right, with the birds singing and the occasional hum of traffic off the A5 ... shivering slightly, but then it is nearly October. It still doesn't get much better than this. And clearly, the T-Mobile datacard is working fine; in fact it's very impressive.

Andante's cabin was blasted yesterday - more thoughts on that when I get home - but it poured with rain before we could get the primer on so that is still to do once it warms up today, which hopefully it will (even though it is nearly October ...) At least we finished blacking the hull on Thursday. The steel was in very good condition, and with the paint off you can really see how well made a boat it is.

Jim has just got back from shopping in Brewood so time to go in for a warming cup of tea!

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