Tuesday, September 12, 2006

London Canal Museum

Last Friday I walked over to the London Canal Museum - thought I'd better check it out before I get too busy. Well, it was certainly nice and peaceful (one other visitor). There aren't many things you can do for three quid in central London, so I'm not going to knock it ... let's just say you wouldn't need to set aside a whole afternoon to see it all.

Being the narrow minded obsessive that I am, I skipped all the stuff about ice cream, but I did take the opportunity to try out a butty stern for size, and there were some interesting photos in the upstairs room. But the best bit really is that you can go out the back doors onto Battlebridge Basin and just sit peacefully out there in the sun, looking at real live boats ... Dover was there on Friday; it was like meeting an old friend.

The other good thing is that the museum has quite an extensive selection of books, and I'd go back again just to browse in that. One of my main reasons for going was to see if I could get a book of London canal/waterways walks, and in that I wasn't successful - I've ordered this one from Amazon instead, and if you have any other recommendations, do let me know.

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