Saturday, September 23, 2006

Blog 'n' Boat

Life is full of new experiences. This afternoon I went into a T-Mobile shop. I signed a contract with a mobile phone company.

I've signed up for Web 'n' Walk Professional which hopefully means that I will be able to Blog 'n' Boat, and Boat 'n' Work. Lockboy has installed the necessary on the laptop, and given me a demonstration of how to use it. Tomorrow I will practise.

Next weekend we are going up to Stretton; I think Andante is being craned out and gritblasted on Tuesday, but it's hard to be sure as my main form of communication with Keith is text message, and there's only so much detail you can manage. In any case, Jim has arranged to see a man about a teapot, and there are plenty of little jobs to do on both Andante and Warrior. So if I post next weekend, you'll know it works. If I don't, it most likely doesn't - I know mobile reception is pretty dodgy there. Or else I've forgotten how to do it.

It might turn out to be twelve months of wasted expenditure at £19.97 a month, but I've a feeling that now we've got it we'll find lots of uses for it, many of them not related to the boat.

By the way, if you sign up for 12 months online the datacard is £58, but if you sign up in one of their shops it's only forty.

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flatplane8 said...


I've also just got T-Mobile's web'n'walk pro, and so far it sems very good. I could get a landline to my boat, but this seems an easier solution. Its proving quite handy in my work, even connected no problems in Sweden, although I'll see how happy I am when the bill arrives ;-)