Monday, October 16, 2006

Decisions, decisions

Never too soon to start thinking about next year's cruising (especially as we won't be getting any done this year). An envelope has been sitting on my hall shelf for the past three weeks. It is addressed to the IWA Festival organisers and contains a booking form and a cheque. We thought it would be really great to go to the IWA by boat, especially as next year's venue, St Ives, is near where Warrior was built, and the trip could take in a visit to John Shotbolt (the builder), and to Floods Ferry, where we based Helyn, our first (plastic) boat very happily for a couple of years. It's a long way though - and there's one other trip we have to make next year.

In June, the Russell Newbery Register are holding their tenth annual rally at Atherstone. This we absolutely cannot miss, as by then we will (I brook no doubts) have a spanking shiny brand newly rebuilt unique 3 cylinder National in a gorgeous stunning refitted and beautifully painted boat. Oh yes we will.

Canalplan (what a site!) calculates the journey from Warrior's home mooring at Golden Nook (notorious linear mooring, but we like it) to Atherstone at six days; from Golden Nook to St. Ives, a fortnight. And then in both cases we have to get back again.

Oh what the hell! We can do it. And as an act of faith that Warrior will be finished, I think I'm going to nip out and post that envelope right now.

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