Tuesday, October 31, 2006


We achieved quite a lot this weekend just past, thanks in large part to the fact that it didn’t pour with rain this time. Nonetheless, with Jim and Baz on rubbing and painting duties, I was mostly occupied in an indoor capacity.

The first thing I turned my attention to was Warrior’s back cabin. Over the last few visits this had become a repository for spare timber and odds and ends, to the extent that it wasn’t possible to get in through the rear doors. So I cleared all that out and tidied and cleaned up. Then we put up the new oil lamp, having found a glass for it at Midland Chandlers in Penkridge. It looks lovely, and we saw (in a different chandlers) a not-quite-so-nice new equivalent for £46. I’m very glad now that I spent the £12.50 on our one. We even tried lighting it, but I think maybe it had the wrong sort of wick, as it burnt down very quickly. The glass funnel got really hot though; what with the smoke as well it must have been no fun having to depend on oil for lighting.

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