Friday, July 25, 2008

Come rain or shine

There is now a boating hat for every meteorological eventuality (because there's also a furry one with ear flaps for when it's freezing, but it's packed away somewhere).

It's my birthday today, and the sou'wester was my present from Jim. I'd mentioned ages ago that I thought it would be a good thing to have, but I wasn't expecting it so it was a splendid surprise. I realised I needed one, or something like it (and what could be better than a great big yellow one?) last time I was steering in the rain, trying in vain to see out of the side of my anorak hood... because when you're steering, you stand sideways on, don't you. Don't you? Well, you should. And I decided that what was required was some sort of waterproof covering that actually moved with my head, and prevented rain from dripping down the back of my neck. What better than something designed for the very purpose. I have tried it on, and custom-folded the brim, and practised rotating my head, and it works very well, provided there are no ornaments within range to be swept off shelves. Additionally, I can wear it backwards and pretend to be a duck.

He wants me to say that he bought it from Bacons Dozen in Lowestoft (01502 564 120) who sound rather marvellous, especially if you need some Whitworth spanners or similar.

The fairweather boating hat was acquired by me at a jumble sale, and was, the label tells me, manufactured in the British colony of Hong Kong, so is clearly Vintage and not just old rubbish. I didn't have the nerve to wear it last year (also, last year it wasn't actually all that sunny) but it has been donned this year already as I am a lot more confident now that I am forty three.


Adam said...

Happy Birthday!

Nb Yarwood said...

Happy birthday Sarah. I look forward to seeing you impersonating a duck - are you going to try the walk as well?
NB Caxton