Saturday, July 19, 2008

A new look for nbWarrior?

Now Warrior the boat has its new look, maybe it's time for Warrior the blog to have a makeover after all. Kindly fellow-bloggers responded, as I knew they would, to tell me how it should be possible to have a photo masthead, showing Warrior in all its glory, and I pursued this, up to a point.

Up to the point where I realised that in order to achieve that end, I would have to replace this tried and trusted (and much loved, by me if apparently very few others) 'template' with a whizzy new modern fab and groovy 'layout' which I believe will look more like this. The Caxton blog, by the way, seems to have got off to a really flying start - 32 posts for July alone SO FAR! And it's so interesting and entertainingly written that I even forgive them for having a bowthruster. In fact, I'll go further than that; I may even reconsider my view of bowthruster owners in general... until the next smug Daily Mail-reading git hoves into view on their semi-trad, anyway.

So, bewarned. I shall start fiddling tomorrow. Hopefully I will manage not to totally screw everything up, and I am trusting (perhaps naively) in Blogger's assurance that the old version will be saved indefinitely and I can revert to it any time I like (but I bet only if I can find the right button, which is likely to be the stumbling block for me).

So. Coming soon: your new, improved, user-friendly, greener, fashionable, digital, forged-in-the-white-heat-of-technology, traditional values in a modern setting, accessible, equal-opportunity and all-round highly desirable nbWarrior.



Steve said...

Oh dear.

Let us all know the new blog address after you've lost the old one ;-)

Nb Yarwood said...

I hope that Sebastian is within easy reach before throw the switch..
Nb Caxton

S said...

Your faith in my abilities is quite inspirational.