Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hostage to fortune

Well, only a week to go. I was so impressed with Amy's sidebar calendar on Lucky Duck, I wanted one myself, so that everyone can see where we are, and when.

Baz said, isn't that a really bad idea, because then everyone will know we're away and come and burgle the house. I pointed out that the fact that we're going away is already public knowledge, and the burglar isn't going to much care whether we're in Northampton or Acton. And anyway, for all you burglars reading this, Aaron is moving in while we're away, and Carl next door is a one man neighbourhood watch, so I wouldn't try it if I were you. Furthermore, we haven't got a TV for you to nick.

Amy told me how to set it up, but I enrolled Baz too - although with hindsight I think I'm getting the hang of this now - and here it is. Only it's not quite right yet, because some of the entries are too long and you can't scroll across, but you can get the details up with a couple of clicks. It's all very provisional of course, so you'll have to keep reading to see where we are, when, but if you're in the area get in touch.

My, that's done me in.


Steve said...

This is all getting very technical.

Bordering on showing off! ;-)

I'm impressed

Amy said...

Ohh! Well done! i'm rather impressed! It looks great! Now I really must add more detail to mine. I just don't want to be over-optimistic about what we'll be capable of on our first cruise...

Hope to see you on the Oxford. :)