Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Request show

Oh dear, as you may have noticed, I've hit a bit of a lean patch. After such a good start, I've quite run out of things to say. Nothing has been happening chez Warrior in recent weeks, and my stock of ideas has run dry. So, in a shameless example of shifting responsibility, it's over to you. I am now taking requests. If there's anything you'd like an update on, or to hear more about, or see more pictures of, please say now! Or of you'd like to rent-a-rant, name a topic and I'll be happy to oblige. You could even dedicate it to someone.


Nev Wells said...


How about an update on the refurbishment/sale of the cruiser.... or did I miss the sale?


Anonymous said...

I think you need to give Jim a guest spot. Suggested titles:

"Fifteen days in greenhouse in Ramsey"

"How I learned to stop worrying and love my shoreline"

"Re-plumbing your calorifier for fun and profit"


Anonymous said...

Let's have more on navigating the Middle Level "navigable drains".

S said...

OK, all that will follow...