Sunday, January 18, 2009

What it says on the label

You may have noticed, since yesterday, extra green words appearing at the bottom of posts. Yes, I have decided to start labelling - aka tagging - posts so that anyone with a burning desire to read all that I have written, and only what I have written, about, say, Tarporley, can do so at the click of a mouse. Categorisations are of necessity somewhat rough and ready, to avoid a proliferation of taxonomies. I shall (if I don't lose interest/the will to live) retrospectively label all the posts going right back to the start. This process will, I imagine, become slower and slower the further back I go, as I will have forgotten more and more of the posts and have to remind myself what they were about. To be honest, with my cataloguing tendencies I'm amazed it's taken me so long.

This reminds me tangentially of one of my favourite paradoxes, Bertrand Russell's paradox of sets.

Now for this post, should I introduce a new category of 'blog disappearing up its own arse' or should I just file it under....


Halfie said...

I clicked on the paradox link. Now my brain hurts.

Anonymous said...

... and for your next trick(s), you must work Pascal's wager and Gödel's incompleteness theorem into blog posts, preferably with reference to the perils of a Wash crossing sans cratchboard.


Andrew said...

Your tiger mug now belongs to the set of all non-teacups perhaps?

S said...

Oh that was cruel.
It's a Schroedinger's Cat mug.