Friday, January 30, 2009

A shock to the system

Sorry to all those who have 'tuned in' in the hope of reading 'War is a danger to health' or 'Stop whinging it is only your legs' a story of the machinations of the Planning Committee of Wealden District Council, a neighbouring district council to ours in deepest East Sussex but there are developments of yesterdays story that cannot wait and I feel further enhances it. It transpires that I was wrong about the gruesome twosome of CWF. They are not primarily concerned about any poor child, pensioner, single parent or other sentient being that touches your boat (if the earths are not bonded) but about SWIMMERS who might be electrocuted. So all of us that are responsible for metal boats must check our wiring and calculate that all fuses are more than 50% higher value than any potential(!) loads always allowing for the fact that they are only 50% of the amperage rating of the connecting wiring - if that can't be achieved you will apparently have to upgrade all your wiring and then and only then make sure that both your 240v and 12v are separately bonded (fixed securely) to the hull. All that so that all the many thousands of swimmers that regularly use the 'cut' shall not be electrocuted. Please do not rely on any of the figures contained herein, it is all greek to me.

posted by Jim


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't volunteer to swim in the cut but I wouldn't want electrocution to be the penalty for falling in...

Anonymous said...

A very good point indeed.