Thursday, February 05, 2009

Scenes from last summer II

According to the photo, this was September 8th, which, as it is clearly not the Rothersthorpe flight, would put it between Blisworth and there. It's just one of those completely anonymous, pretty pictures that you see on greetings cards and jigsaw puzzles, and think, now why did they chose that one? In my case of course, the answer is I chose it through my random number generator, which consists of a pack of cards and a set of instructions for generating any number between one and four hundred, for this purpose, but can be easily adapted. I might even share it with you, as long as you promise not to say I'm odd.


Anonymous said...

Above the right-hand hedge is was looks very much like a railway overhead line gantry, so I think the only place it can be between Blisworth and Rotherthorpe is here and the bridge in the foreground is the one taking Station Road over the GU mainline.


Area D said...

I can confirm that. I recognised it as soon as I read Blisworth.

S said...

wow, I am impressed.